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Market Research Support Services

Market Research Support Services

Choose IndyFocus for your next project—and access an experienced staff of research professionals who can help you complete your project quickly and easily.

Not only do we offer a comfortable and inviting facility with the latest technology and top-notch recruiting and fielding—our turnkey support services can help you manage your project, analyze your data and produce a thorough report that meets the expectations that craft your reputation—and ours.

One call can book space in all 9 cities

One phone call to IndyFocus gives you the ability to schedule focus group research in multiple major markets across the United States. With our headquarters in Indianapolis and partner facilities in eight other key U.S. markets, we can quickly and easily help you get the data your client needs.

Full-Service Qualitative/Quantitative Recruiting

We do our own recruiting of respondents using your list or ours. Our on-site Data
Center ensures respondents are highly qualified, appropriately screened and willing
to participate in research.

Product Evaluations

Flexible study design allows evaluations in our facility or at the respondent’s
location or home. The results enable you to strengthen customer relationships and
contribute to research success.

Survey Programming/Hosting

From simple to the most complex survey layouts, our talented professionals can
help you meet your deadlines regardless of whether the survey content is yours,
ours, or anything in between.

Live Intercepts

Our intercepts are more than just a survey; they are a brief dialogue between the
interviewer and the respondent. The process produces both quantitative data
collection and qualitative feedback from respondents.

Audience Polling

We gather and compile valuable feedback from your marketplace, allowing people
to answer honestly without any group pressure or influence, and it captures the
demographic characteristics of your audience.

Quantitative Support

Our staff also has expertise in all types of statistical and analytical models—
including conjoint, multivariate analysis, perceptual maps, factor analysis, LISREL,
segmentation, discrete choice and regression analysis.


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