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Online Qualitative Services

With the advent of new technology, let IndyFocus help you employ online qualitative methods to expand the services you can provide to your clients.

If you're looking for something special that can differentiate you from your competition, let us help you make a difference by implementing one, some or all of the online qualitative methods listed below.

Bulletin Board/Chat Room

Online bulletin boards allow respondents to see posted stimuli, read other respondents' postings and add their own opinion(s) at their own pace. Bulletin boards can be posted for several days or weeks, allowing respondents to build upon the conversation with comments to each other's postings. Clients may access postings at any time to monitor progress and modify the stimuli and/or present additional questions to enhance findings. Recommended sample size for bulletin boards is generally 14 to 20 respondents.

Chat rooms provide real-time research opportunities focused on collecting input from respondents simultaneously. Sample size for chat rooms can be as small or large as you wish, although the recommended size is less than 10 respondents.


  • Gauge the pulse of respondents and understand the likely direction. You may have some hypotheses, but are unable to confirm them. By using an online bulletin board or chat room, you can post a few questions to the respondents and then, based on their responses, post follow-up questions or probe further to identify general direction.
  • Assess topics without the time and expense of a full-scale research study. This is a cost-effective and timely way to get quick insights that can confirm your go-forward direction but not disrupt your development schedule.

Video Group/IDI (In Depth Interview)

Using the Internet, respondents are recruited and then shipped a video camera to use during their participation. During the research, clients log in and view up to seven video boxes, each one displaying a respondent and moderator. Clients  are able to listen and witness every aspect of the research. You can access the moderator privately, prompt the moderator during a session to provide guidance or feedback to stimuli which can be shown to respondents at any time during the research.


  • Acquire face-to-face research results and eliminate the cost of being in the same location. Research can be implemented either as groups of two to six individuals, or one-on-one.
  • Leverage technology to create a similar experience to traditional focus groups. While not meant to replace in-person discussion groups, this is a viable alternative when travel or time constraints prevent bringing a group together. This has been used effectively in situations where respondents  are unable to travel due to conditions or schedules.

Online Diary

Respondents are instructed to complete a brief online survey one time after a single event or over a series of days every time they participate in an event. Respondents often complete or perform a task and then answer questions about the experience.


  • Gather timely, qualitative data from respondents.
    Online diaries allow researchers to understand a respondents experience after a specific event, such as a respondent's experience with a potential new product or device. Respondents typically record their experience in an online diary. This is a quick way to collect timely, accurate feedback as it is closer to the time of the interaction and increases the level of detail in the respondent’s recall.

Mobile Research

Access respondents' opinions on the go—whether they are at home, in the office or traveling. Responses are documented via smartphone (Android, Blackberry or iPhone) iPad, or another Internet-enabled device immediately after the stimulus is presented This provides more instinctive feedback.


  • Collect immediate instinctual feedback in real time. Respondents provide intuitive feedback in the midst of the task/experience being researched.


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