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Strategically located headquarters. Multiple partner research facilities across the U.S. In-house recruiting. Skilled moderators. Extensive research capabilities. A commitment to technology.

And, most of all, fresh – and diverse – perspectives.

Is it any wonder why IndyFocus is the first choice when it comes to full-service research facilities in the United States?

With access to major U.S. markets and various modes of research support, we’ll help you manage your research project in a way that ensures you deliver meaningful results to your client.

Partner with IndyFocus for your next project.

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Broad reachBroad Reach

One phone call to IndyFocus gives you the ability to schedule focus group research in multiple major markets across the United States. With our headquarters in Indianapolis and partner facilities in six other key U.S. markets, we can quickly and easily help you get the data your client needs.

Comfortable SpacesComfortable Spaces

IndyFocus offers three professional focus room suites including client viewing rooms with private lounges. Bring as many clients as you want; our viewing rooms allow comfortable tiered seating for as many as 12 clients so everyone has a direct view of the research.

Latest technologyLatest technology

IndyFocus is equipped with three T1 data lines, wireless and at-seat wired internet connections for all clients. We offer audio and video recording of all research in the following formats: ½" VHS, DVD, MPEG 4, .wav, and USB flash drive, so that you can have a choice of delivery options.

We are members of: ActiveGroup QRCA FocusVision